Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Baby Bull Rider

We have a mechanical bull in our living room. It looks like this:

I bought Memphis the Bounce and Spin Zebra for his first birthday. It says the age range is 12-36 months. I don't usually follow age ranges much because I find them a little too restrictive in most cases. But, in this case, maybe it should have said 18-32 years.

It will not spin until there is weight on it, but even the slightest pressure from Memphis' tiny bottom sends the thing into a spin and my baby boy gets bucked off every time. At first he would lay there and cry. Total devastation. But, now it makes him mad.

He gets up and stomps back to the zebra, climbs back on and growls (those of you who have spent even a few minutes in Memphis' presence know exactly what that growl sounds like). Two minutes later he is back on the floor.

In a way, I am proud of him for getting back on. And in a way, I worry very much for his future. I am seriously considering having a helmet fitted for him. I'm not sure how many more hard knocks his little head can take.

While I'm at it, he probably needs some body armor and a face guard too.



Blogger karin said...

Awww, poor thing! I always wondered how that thing works. It looks really cute though!

7/4/07, 4:52 AM  

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