Monday, January 21, 2008

New Life

Our little addition is growing strong and everything looks great! Twenty weeks and counting, becoming more real everyday.

Cody didn't want to go to the ultrasound today because "it's just black and white and I hate black and white." I could not disagree more. During the ultrasound, the tech switched to the mode that shows blood flow (I think) and all these patches of red, orange, and yellow appeared.

I said, "Oh Cody look! That's not black and white." She smiled and then Carson said, "Mom, is there a fire in there?" That got a pretty good laugh out of the nurses in the room.

Overall, the kids seem to be excited. Hopefully that will be the trend.

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Anonymous erica said...

what a great sonogram pic! great news that baby is healthy and growing.

1/24/08, 2:28 PM  

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