Thursday, January 24, 2008

Feeding Therapy

No kidding. I've heard of occupational, physical and speech therapies, but this is a new one to me. I only know about it now because I have to take Memphis twice a week. It's a good thing, and I am optimistic that it will improve his eating habits. Or maybe help him to develop some eating habits.

He is such a typical kid. I've said before that he didn't eat more than a few bites of food everyday and thrived on the knowledge that his next pediasure would probably come soon. But about three days before our evaluation, the kid began eating like he hadn't eaten in six months. Because he hadn't. Regardless, he scored low enough on his evaluation that feeding therapy was recommended.

Their main concern is that Memphis will become malnourished if he doesn't expand the variety of foods he will eat. She explained that as kids get closer to four years old they cut more and more foods out of their diet, but that this behavior doesn't usually start until around their second birthday. The fact that Memphis started on his first birthday was concerning because they are worried that by the time he is four he will only have 1 or 2 foods that he will eat consistently. I guess somewhere around four or five is when they start to open their minds to other foods again.

This is so different for me because I have never given in to making the children separate meals just because they said they "didn't like" something. Dinner is dinner. Eat it or don't. I've never had a kid who actually called that bluff until Memphis.

So, we will go twice a week and hopefully learn some new ways to get him to try new foods and to accept ones he's already rejected. I can't imagine what they will do differently from all the things I have tried, but I guess they know what they are doing. Hopefully we will start to see some weight gain soon. Wish us luck!



Blogger Everyday stuff said...

There was a new study that came out a month ago or so, and it said that kids have to eat something 12 times to get used to the taste, and adults have to eat it like 30 times, and not just 12 or 30 times from time to time. It said it would only work if they eat it every day even if it's just a small piece! I've been trying it on Josh and well it worked he now likes asparagus lol!

I've never heard of food therapy, but I wish my mil would take josh's nephew to one that kids 7 and will only eat peanut butter sandwiches, and mashed potatoes and pancakes. It makes me crazy I would end up beating the kid and not giving into good luck!

1/24/08, 8:40 PM  
Blogger karin said...

Ooooh, tell me how it goes and how they get him to eat different foods. Would love to get Taylor to eat new foods. Good luck! :o)

1/25/08, 4:32 AM  

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