Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Cry For Help

I thought you might like an update on how Silas is doing in her own bed. Well, we ended up having to just put her in the bed and close the door all the way so she couldn't open it. This was her protest:

It was like a litte SOS. Is anybody out there? I thought this one was especially appropriate:

And some little fingers, just because they are so cute:


Friday, February 26, 2010

Synchronized Potty Training

This one is gonna be gross. I hope you're ready for really, really gross.

Silas has decided she is way too big for diapers. This came as a pretty big shock for me because she is only 20 months old. I really thought we had another year or so before we even thought about potty training. But, hey, I'm all for it. If I never have to buy another box of diapers it will be too soon.

When she needs to go, she usually pulls her pants down around her ankles and begins yelling, "Potty! Potty!," and running for the bathroom. I'm hoping I can change that before she needs to go while we're at the grocery store. Or at church.

So, Nicole's son Dexter is potty training too. Dex is at our house pretty often right now while Nicole earns her nursing degree. Dex is doing very well in the number 1 department. Number 2 is another story.

This afternoon I had just returned from a trip to the bathroom with Silas and was helping Cody and Carson with their piano lesson when Dex came running in ecstatic. "Megan, Megan! I went poo-poo in the potty! I did it!"

I replied, "Yay! Great job Dex! Give me five!" And we high fived a lot.

Then Dex went on... "Yep I just put that poo-poo right in the potty."


"Dex, I better look to make sure you wiped well." And that was the end of the celebration. And the beginning of the confession. "Yep, I just went poo-poo and then I put it in the potty and the first one was a big huge rectangle and the next one looked like a ball!"

Oh, please help.

So the cleanup begins. And right smack in the middle of cleanup, in that moment when it's too late too stop but the job is not quite done yet...I see a little streaker out of the corner of my eye and hear the telltale, "Potty! Potty!"


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