Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oh Yeah, About All Those People Who Live Here...

It's been quite a while since I've done an update on all the kids, so I'm here today to remedy that. Let me preface by letting you know that I've been printing all of my blogs that have to do with the kids to make them a sort of baby book since my tired attempts at scrap booking failed miserably.

Meyson is now 17 and facing his last year of schooling. Although he would never admit it, I do believe he is terrified of what comes after that. He has big dreams for his future including herpetology and acting and/or directing. He has an amazing talent for drawing so we are trying to push him in that direction to give him a start. What he lacks is confidence so if you see him soon a little encouragement would be more than appreciated. Brad and I are on edge because Meyson seems to be at that point in his life where he is wavering between what he has been taught is right and the "easy" looking path that those of us with more experience recognize as the school of hard knocks. We pray everyday that our voices will reverberate within him and he will choose the right path.

Brianna has officially entered teenagerhood. Unnerving is not a big enough word. She continues to excel in school and still enjoys singing in the choir. I am continually amazed at how well she plays with the little ones. Her laugh echoes through our home brightening every space. They love her so much. Bri wants to give homeschooling a try next year. I'm a little concerned that I will not challenge her enough and, compensating, will set the bar too high. A balancing act will surely be necessary.

Cody is now 9 years old which makes me feel older than dirt. How on earth is it possible that I have a 9-year-old? Anyway, ballet is her passion! She eats, sleeps, and breathes it. And she's really good at it too. I'm fairly certain that I'll need to get her some kind of calender to keep with her so that she can keep up with her many social obligations. She is the activity leader in our home and her impeccable planning skills are sorely missed when she's visiting her dad. Which she is doing now. For three months straight. I miss her so badly that my heart actually hurts, but if it's possible, I think Carson may miss her more.

And speaking of Carson, she is a whopping 6 years old. At least that's how many years ago she was born. I fully believe she ages in somewhat the same way that dogs do because I sometimes think she may be more wise than I. Or anyone else I know for that matter. She says things like, "Mom, don't you wish you could just start over in life? I do." I never know what to say when she says things like that. I just smile and make a mental note to write that down later. Her new hobby is collecting bugs. It has been somewhat traumatizing. Her first three were "Buggy" the beetle, "Buddy" the moth, and "Lily" the spider. They had to be released before we took a trip to Dallas and you would have thought we were having a funeral. Currently her pets include "Leafy" the leaf bug and "He Who Has Not Been Named" the spider.

Memphis. What else can I say? He's just Memphis. Full of joy and life. Full of energy and wonder. Master of the monkey bars, king of extreme. He takes corners on one wheel. Sometimes he falls on his face (thank God for helmets) but in the next second he's up and trying again. No matter how many trials life throws at him, the boy just keeps smiling and shining. He has really come a long way with his speech and showcases that by singing all the time now. He still scares me everyday, whether I'm worrying about his fearlessness or his tendency to develop unexplained tumors. His exuberance tempers my worry. Most of the time.

Silas is a passionate child. Many things evoke very strong reactions from her. If she hears a song she will sing and dance until she falls down. If somebody tells her "No" it's tantrum city. And these are the kinds of tantrums where you can actually see flames shooting from her eyes. She bites, she claws, nothing is off limits. BUT, when it's time to cuddle, you have never snuggled so well. She wraps those tiny little arms as far as she can get them around your neck and squeezes you like you are her own personal stress ball. She will kiss all of your boo boos. The sweetness oozes from her every pore. And if you really want to see her passionate side, just mention Dora. Oh. My. Goodness. Dora hung the moon, didn't you know? She went over the troll bridge, through the icky, sticky mud, and to the top of gooey geyser, where she then hung the moon.

There you go. Now you are caught up and I have one more post to print and add to the books.

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