Wednesday, August 12, 2009

No Longer Human

This has never been a political blog. Most of the time I find politics too bland a topic to discuss. Or maybe I have just been too comfortable to feel the need to discuss it. If a topic concerned me some I would think about it and maybe talk about it with those closest to me, but I always just figured everything would work out and there was no need to get up in arms.

The current healthcare situation, however, has me sleepless this very early morning. Yesterday I viewed a video in which Obama was asked whether or not a 100-year-old woman with a sound mind would be eligible for a pacemaker under his new plan. He skirted the question a bit and ultimately answered that there was a point in life when painkillers needed to be considered as an alternative to procedures.

Is this really healthcare for everyone? No. It is healthcare for those the government determines are worthy of healthcare. Will everyone who needs care get it? No. Only those who meet certain criteria. The elderly will be told to take a pill and wait to die.

I guess I should not be surprised that the government is once again trying to limit the definition of "human." After all, for decades we have known that there are those who are too young to fit this definition (as far as government is concerned anyway). Babies, in many cases through the ninth month of pregnancy, are brutally and legally murdered everyday. The barbaric and torturous methods used to kill these babies is unconscionable and yet our society accepts that it is okay because they do not fit into our convenient little box of what makes a person a person.

Now we are moving into a time when not only innocent babies, but also the elderly are outside the scope of what the government deems human. Who's next? The mentally ill? Single, white males? Christians? What's your demographic? Are you next? Or someone you love?

I realize that healthcare needs reform. This is NOT the way to do it.