Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sleeping Beauty, Finally

We had to move Silas to a toddler bed today. It wasn't something we wanted to do yet, but it became necessary when Spiderman (aka: Memphis) figured out how to scale the outside of Silas' crib and unzip her crib tent. She's only 18 months old, so we knew it was going to be interesting.

Uncle Billy and Aunt Kim bought Silas a four-poster toddler princess bed complete with gold crowns atop each spire. She loves it. She calls it her "nigh nigh."

At nap time we close the door completely so, while she was not able to leave the room, she did get up and play a little bit before falling asleep on top of a book in her new bed. Tonight was more of a challenge because Memphis was in there with her and we have to leave the door cracked so he can get out to use the bathroom if he needs to.

Memphis has always been a very good sleeper. His bed is his sanctuary. He doesn't get up unless he has a good reason. While we hoped Silas would follow his example, we knew it was unlikely.

Brad and I settled both babies into bed and then went to finish our dinner together. Not five minutes later we hear the door open and here comes Silas down the hall, belly sticking out in front, like she has every right in the world to be there. I escorted her back to bed, tucked her in again, thanked Memphis for staying in his bed, and left the room.

This ritual continued with Brad and I taking turns returning her to bed for about twenty minutes when we realized more drastic measures were going to be needed. I should mention that every time we went back in the room Memphis felt the need to inform us of the events that occurred while we were absent. "Mommy, Siyas get outta bed and she play with my toys and she get on my bed. Merry Christmas Mommy!!"

"Merry Christmas Memphis, thank you for staying in your bed, go to sleep now."

"Ok Mommy, thank you Mommy, merry Christmas!"

At this point we parked ourselves outside their door in the hallway. Every few minutes we had to go in and put the wayward child back in bed again. At one point we thought it might be over when we heard Silas saying, "Nigh nigh" over and over again. And we heard Memphis, "K-k-k-k-k-k, sssssshhhhhh....k-k-k-k-k-k, sssssssshhhhhh." His attempt to make Silas think he was already asleep. Brad and I had to stifle hysterical laughter.

It was not over, however, and we resorted to leaving the bedroom door wide open while we sat in the hall in view of her precious bed. Every time that little head popped up one of us would say, "Lay down Silas," and Memphis would echo, "Way down Siyas." Sometimes we had to count, "1...(Memphis chimes in with 2)...2...(Memphis..3)...3! Ok here we come." Little head back on the mattress.

After about and hour of this she started to wear down. She chatted to herself a little and then began to demand milk. "I wan mmmeeeeuuukkk. I wan mmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuukkkkkk!" Memphis' nerves were shot. "NO!"

And that was it. Both kids drifted off leaving Brad and I looking at each other asking, "That was it?!? Not so bad." Hopefully we won't have to eat our words tomorrow.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Blogger Returns

It only took a year and a trip with my brother to the big city, but my laptop is finally in working order again (thanks Bill!!) That means that I can once again blog from the comfort of my bed. No kids begging to use the computer. Nobody reading over my shoulder. No little baby pushing the shiny green power button. Hopefully, this means that I will be blogging a lot more. It's kinda like therapy, ya know?