Friday, April 17, 2009

Mountain Man

Yesterday the weather was crazy in our city. We had quarter size hail at our house and I hear there were places in the city where there was baseball sized hail. Can't confirm that though. You know how people like their fish stories. Anyway we received so much hail that our grass was completely covered and it was piled about a foot high where it was coming off the roof. We were also under tornado warnings at various times throughout the evening. Fun times.

After the initial storm had passed, our backyard resembled a small lake. While I love the rain and we really needed it, I was dreading having to take the dogs outside. I knew that the next few days were going to be filled with constant paw wiping every time we had to let them out and back in again.

I left Brad with all the kids while I went to the store to get us some dinner. Upon my return I noticed that the back door was standing wide open. I didn't give it a second thought as I closed it and wondered why I am the only one who cares about things like that.

A few minutes later, Brad was looking out into the backyard and noticed the dogs were out there. Our dogs either stay in the house or in their pen in the backyard. They are not allowed to be out free in the yard because I don't want to deal with the kids tracking poop into the house on the bottoms of their shoes and because Junah can tear up a beautiful yard in no time. But, there they were frolicking in the lake and becoming saturated with mud.

So Brad immediately turned to Meyson, then Brianna, then Cody asking them all the same question in a loud and stern voice:

"Who let the dogs out?"

I know what you're thinking. No, nobody said, "Who, who, who, who."

Instead they just stood staring at him with gaping mouths and innocent eyes. I quickly interceded with, "I think you are forgetting the most likely suspect," and understanding flooded Brad's face right away. "Where's Memphis?"

Memphis is a boy in all ways. He saw an adventure before him and could not restrain himself from indulging. He was trekking around the swamp, backpack (probably full of survival gear) strapped on, full-sized shovel in hand. He set out to conquer the wilderness and defeat the enemy. He must have been dodging danger from every direction because he felt the need to camouflage himself using mud and leaves. He smeared them from head to foot. He was ready for anything.

And the look of joy that overcame him was unmistakable. This was the most awesome adventure, until...

He was scooped up by a big, hairy monster, otherwise known as DAD, and handed off to a smaller (but just as scary) monster who threw him into a tub full of ...CLEAN WATER!! Oh the horror that befell the hero. Cut down just when things were getting interesting.

He had a really good scrubbing (and so did the dogs) and was soon warm and dry and safe. I'm sure he is just waiting for his next adventure to begin.