Saturday, July 10, 2010

Party Animals

Last night was interesting. Let me give some background before I recount the story. Memphis and Silas share a room. Up until recently this has not posed any significant problems, but a few weeks ago Silas's need to get up and play finally rubbed off on Memphis. Before then Memphis was the best sleeper in the house. Now we can expect that for about 2 hours after bedtime we will have to enter their room with stern voices and swift action several times. They jump on the beds, throw toys, hit each other with books, pretty much anything they are not allowed to do during the day. Inevitably, someone ends up crying like they have lost a limb, everyone gets a spanking (don't tell me it's not necessary, you're not here) and they usually go right to sleep after that.

Last night. LAST NIGHT. I had been up for most of the night before last for other reasons, so I fell asleep around 10 last night in an attempt to catch up a little. Every once in awhile I would feel Brad get out of bed, but I was not conscious enough to know why. Finally at about 1:30 there was a particularly loud altercation and I was awakened to find Brad exasperated beyond sanity because the babies were still awake. WHAT!?! That's it! They'll be sorry now! Because here comes MOM!

When I entered the hallway, there they both were, running from the kitchen to the bathroom, up and down the hall, lights blazing. I thought for a second that maybe we were experiencing some kind of solar eclipse because, really, other than college students, who has this kind of energy in the middle of the night? Then they spotted me. Frozen, terrified. I could see it in their eyes. Silas sprinted for her bed while Memphis just stared up at me, his eyes pleading for mercy. I marched him into Carson's room, retrieved a sleeping bag, and laid it out there on the floor. He climbed in and said softly, "Sowwy Mommy." "Thank you Memphis, now go to sleep."

Then I returned to their room and shut the door. Silas can't open it. Ha! Fixed that problem. Now maybe we can rest.

And we did. But Memphis did not. When my very accurate and annoying internal clock woke me up at exactly 7:48 this morning, the babies' light was on, they were both in their own beds, and they were sleeping peacefully. Of course they were. They were up half the night partying. I was tempted to run in there and start throwing toys and jumping on the beds, but my punishment would have been far more severe than any I have ever inflicted upon them.

As it is, when they did finally emerge, Silas proved once again that she is incapable of being even somewhat reasonable on less than 10 hours sleep.

"Good morning Silas."


"Do you need a drink?"


"Fine, maybe you should go back to bed."


Great. Today should be fun.

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Monday, July 05, 2010

The Williams Family Academy

This is our homeschool. I have a total of 7 students lined up for next year and have begun to prepare our lessons already. Actually Meyson and Cody have kept up their schooling over this summer. Just math really.

Neither one has the patience to learn the concepts necessary to move at a rapid pace. Which in itself is ironic. They do not see the humor. Meyson will work problems thoughtfully until he gets tired of sitting there and will then just half attempt the rest. Cody will start out rebelling against the assignment, stretching it out over hours until she finally breaks down crying and doing her best to convince me that the material I already taught her has fallen out of her head.

I understand how the fear of a subject can intimidate a student. I was completely unsettled by algebra II and calculus as a student, but as I return to those subjects now as the teacher, I cannot understand what I was so afraid of. It's all very logical when you look at it. But I am more eager to learn now than I was then. I'm sure that makes a difference.

Anyway, we use Alpha Omega for our curriculum and have been more than satisfied with the content. This coming year Meyson, Brianna, and Cody will be utilizing Switched On Schoolhouse. The lessons, tests, and quizzes are all done on the computer with essays, projects, and experiments to be done additionally away from the computer. Three students full time on the computer means that our resources are tapped. We have one desktop that we bought almost 3 years ago, one desktop that was given to us last year, and my personal laptop which is about 5 years old. One of the desktops needs some help. I think it is overheating and it just shuts down. Usually when you are in the middle of something important.

Carson, Memphis, Silas, and Nicole's son Dexter will be working directly with me. Poor kids. Actually Memphis, Silas, and Dex will be attending preschool at our church 2 days a week, but will be forced to endure me on the other 3 days.

I have struggled with myself and any curriculum I've used because providing education for children is very high pressure. Or at least it should be. Their chances for success depend on the things they are taught. And not just in regard to academics. But I have a desire to provide as well-rounded an academic experience as is possible.

I hope the kids are ready for a challenging year. We've never used SOS full time before so I don't really know what to expect as far as the daily commitment is concerned. We will be finding out. Wish us luck!

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