Monday, November 24, 2008

Random? Yes. Interesting? No.

It seems I have been tagged. This means that I have to come up with 7 random things about myself. Hmmmm....this is going to take awhile...

1. My first random item is terribly unoriginal. Tactile aversions seem to be a theme in my friendships. Unlike Nicole and Lindsey, metal and satin are not among my aversions. Mine have to do with gortex or thick nylon material on the outside of most winter coats, and sheets that are not super, super soft. If I touch gortex, or even hear someone else touch it, I must scratch my jeans with my fingernails. Must. I have the same reaction to rough sheets and I will toss and turn all night making matters even worse. Fortunately, my wonderful husband introduced me to bamboo sheets, which are like sleeping in ... there are no words for the wonderfullness. I will never go back.

2. I love the old tv show, "Friends." I own all ten seasons on dvd and I still enjoy watching them even though I have almost every episode memorized.

3. I have an incredible addiction to Heath bars. Really it's all chocolate, but at the moment Heath bars are my chocolate of choice. My taste buds actually beg for them.

4. When my house is a mess and needs cleaned quickly for company, I have a tendency to stuff the mess just out of sight. Most recently, I stuffed about six loads of laundry under Cody's bed for the house party we had.

5. I have extremely sensitive hearing. When I am in bed at night, I can hear Meyson's television through the heating vents. And, if the tv is on, but the screen is black, I can hear that the tv is on. Meyson seems particularly disturbed by this ability. Apparently there are conversations that take place in this house that I'm am not supposed to hear.

6. I have an uncanny ability to pick out the worst movie in the movie store. More often than not, I go to rent a movie for Brad and I only to regret the choice later. In our 15 months of marriage, I have picked one good movie.

7. I am a perfectionist! To a fault. If I cannot get something perfect, it is better if I do not attempt it at all. Which is why my house is always a mess. Not logical, I realize, and yet I cannot help it.

So, there you are. Whew! Glad I got those out in the open. I suddenly feel so free.

I am tagging Brad, Kay, and Laura. Can't wait to read your responses!


Monday, November 10, 2008

Things Left Undone

You know you're a busy mom if:

Your 11-year-old glances at your shirt and says, "You are leaking. Or is that drool?" Or snot. Or vomit.

You forget to take your 7-year-old to ballet. Just totally forget.

You forget to pay the credit card bill so often that when the phone rings, your 4-year-old yells, "Don't answer it! It's Citigroup!"

You turn on a movie and wake up four hours later still staring at the menu.

You stick to the kitchen floor.

You lose a child in the laundry pile.

Your husband says things like, "I need clean t-shirts again," or "I've been craving tacos for like, a week now," just as you are reheating leftovers.

Just for the record, none of these things has ever happened to me.


Sunday, November 02, 2008

A House Divided

It is football season although, for the most part, you wouldn't know it around our house. We are not huge football fans, but we do enjoy a good game every now and again. Being Texans, we are always happy to see a Texas team do well.

Last night, however, our Texas Tech Red Raider football team played the #1 Texas Longhorns and you can bet we were all hyped up for the battle. Brad, Cody, and I (and of course Memphis and Silas) are avid Red Raider fans, while Brianna, Meyson, and Carson (yes, they got her) were pulling for the Longhorns.

If you follow college football, you know that Tech pulled off a thrilling victory in the final seconds of the game. Woo Hoo!

I am appalled at Carson's endorsement of the Bevo crowd, but, of course, my blood runs black and red. So, when I was praying with her last night at bedtime, my prayer went like this:

"Dear God, Thank you for this day and for my precious Carson. Please keep her dreams pleasant tonight and let her know that she is so very loved. And go Texas Tech. In Jesus' name, Amen."

There was a long silence, and then, "Longhorns forever, longhorns forever, longhorns forever!" in a teeny-weeny girl voice complete with the hook 'em horns sign. ***Sigh***

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